Your Success Journey is THE WAY YOU WILL PROCEED to your Success.

When you are successful you feel a HEIGHTENED sensation – excitement.

Then this brings up the memory of the LAST TIME YOU FELT THIS MUCH.

Eventually you will touch a sensation from your past, where this level of excitement was followed by a disappointment. At that first letdown, your protective reaction was to stop and numb yourself out.

When your Success Journey takes you to that heightened, disliked experience again, you will tend to avoid encountering it by procrastinating, getting distracted, busy, unfocused and retreat to that which is familiar, thus, missing out on accomplishing your new goals.

You will interpret your new “success experience” as “a bad feeling” that should be avoided and that you should look elsewhere for your success.

This set the stage for YOUR current SUCCESS TOLERANCE (your success thermostat).

There is one aspect of you that is always keeping track of how much success and energy you bring in, and compares that with how much failure you experience and deflate yourself with. This is your thermostat. It keeps you on your familiar and safe success level.

When you change, lose, or bring in more energy in one area of your life, you tend to adjust and change another area of your life to balance your use of your aliveness. When one area of your life is improved, your tendency to stay at a Status Quo sabotages another area of your life.

For example: If you get a salary increase, your refrigerator or car needs a sudden repair. If you have a great happy vacation you come home to overdrafts.

Your PATH is to learn to increase your Tolerance for Success.
Your challenge is to NOTICE WHEN you have more success in one area of your life and STOP and consciously refrain from any unconscious behavior and instead accept your intensified experience, without sabotage. This will feel like you are experiencing more energy and excitement. If you can consciously experience this, you have consciously pulled yourself into a higher level of Success Tolerance.

This is how you increase Your Success Tolerance:

  • You are aware of when you have more success than usual, like more customers, more income or more joy.
  • You refrain from unconsciously doing foolish things – like speeding, spending too much, or celebrating recklessly or doing dangerous things, etc.
  • You focus on being gentle and patient with yourself until you have integrated this new success level.
  • You accept the new, unfamiliar success behavior until it will be a natural part of your new success life.


ONE REQUIREMENT to prevail ON YOUR SUCCESS JOURNEY is to let go of the misconception that your heightened experience should be avoided. This heightened experience is actually how it feels when you are more successful, but without the negative connotation.

If you can ACCEPT YOUR EXPERIENCE, instead of getting into a habitual unconscious re-action, and choose to pick up your wisdom and courage, you will see that you are actually not in danger anymore and that you can decide to accept this feeling that you have rejected until now. Then, what was called “fear” or “unpleasant” becomes an acceptable and even pleasant sensation and you will proceed toward your success.

The key to continuous progress is to recognize that your dislikes (the familiar and paralyzing “fight or flight” response) are actually a heightened sensation and evidence of your progress and success.


So, now you know that the JOURNEY you will encounter on your way to your goal, raising your Success Tolerance INCLUDES EXPERIENCING more situations and feelings, and that you tend to label them unwanted, with your usual response to back-track and another failure.

This is like, you chose to change, and then you succeed to change. So far so good. Then you remember that the change you just had, took you to what you don’t like and have said “no” to so many times (including both experiences and concepts). Next you retreat back to where you came from, to live your familiar and limited life once again.

After a while you pick up your courage and move towards more success again. Then comes your predictable experience and concept, and again you don’t like it and retreat. This goes on like a yo-yo until YOU ACCEPT THE EXPERIENCE and CHANGE THE BELIEFS THAT YOU ARE RUNNING FROM.


It’s like the metaphor of driving up the winding road to the top of the mountain – your destination. First, you start your Success Journey, and “you are getting away from your past” and “your failure and lack consciousness” – the place you don’t like is left behind you. This feels good and makes you passionate and filled with gratitude.

Then, as you wind around the mountain, you return to the side of the mountain where you can see what you resist once again, down in the valley. This leaves you discouraged and doubtful. Now your tendency is to think that the method you are using to leave the issue behind isn’t working.

This is where most people give up and start to back-track down the mountain to try another road.

At this point it would be great if you could remember that you are actually re-encountering your issue, but this time it seems LESS INTENSE and appearing FURTHER AWAY – like, instead of you having the issue yourself, you now see that other people are having this issue. Also notice if the duration of the issue seems shorter and shorter – you notice you are upset about it, but not for as long.

If this is the case, then you are on the right track, so continue what you are doing. Seeing the issue over and over again will continue until you are so far from it that it doesn’t affect you, and you can accept it. Then, your running away from it will stop, and the issue will be forgotten.

Resisting your Success Journey
Once you become aware of your “Habit of Avoidance” and repetitive response to your Success Journey you will respond differently to how you usually respond when that thing you dis-like shows up.

You will have reasons why you don’t like your new experience, so you have to go against what feels right to you and engage with what feels wrong to you, in order to find new territory and actually change. This takes insight, courage and trust.

Be ready and prepared for your resistance to your Success Journey
If you can become aware of, when you are about to be more successful, you know when you will meet what you tend to dislike and when you usually start to back-track.

Then you know you have a choice to stop retreating and stay on your success course. Stopping a success in progress, struggles with and postpones it, instead of having it accomplished with ease and excitement.

Be aware of the ways your old self tries to take charge and stop your success and consciously choose the perfection of now.

How to succeed on your Success Journey

  • When you start to feel that unwanted sensation you have already started the process of change.
  • Then comes your tendency to want to get rid of it.
  • If you can discipline yourself, at that moment and just wait, you will find that it will become a familiar feeling and you will start to recognize that it is your exhilarated life.
  • THE CHALLENGE IS TO NOT TRY to get rid of your expected experience. Just wait and you will notice that the experience will naturally start to feel pleasant and you a permanent change.

EXERCISE – Releasing my Resistance to my Success

A success I am looking for is _______________________________

Something that usually happens when I engage in improving my success that I don’t like is ___________________________________

The way I usually deal with my dis-liked experience is _____________


A way I tend to resist my Success Journey is ____________________


A new supportive way I can deal with my Resistance to my Success Journey is ______________________________________________