You will think of more and more people to inspire when you have your business present in your mind.

Contemplate often: “Who can benefit from this business?

Whenever somebody’s name pop into your head or you see a vision of someone, you have a sign that you have connected with this person through the ether’s and they want to connect with you.

Often this connection comes about because they can feel that you have what they are looking for.

Give them a call right away. Here is a suggested script.

————————– Beginning of Call ——————————-

Hi (their name),
This is (your name),
How are you?
I’m calling you because I just keep thinking of you.
Is this a good time to talk?

—- Wait for an answer —-

Great. (Or when is it a good time to talk?)

Maybe I have been thinking about you because this is the right time for you.
Are you open to hear what I am excited about these days?

 —- Wait for an answer —-


  • (Tell your real story of how you got inspired,
  • what inspired you and
  • why you think it can be interesting to them.)

(Complete with registering them or give them YOURCAPTUREPAGELINK.)

————————– End of Call —————————————-