When prospecting over the phone, you’ll probably average about 50% of your calls being answered by Voice mail. Therefore, a good Voice mail message is critical.

When you get an answering machine or Voice mail, leave a message with the same intent as you have with your live conversations.

These first two Voice mail Scripts are for when you call your prospect after they took the Tour.
Tell the prospect:

  • Who you are,
  • Where you’re calling from and
  • That you are returning their call.

—————————— Beginning of Voice mail Script 1 ——————————
Yes, this is a message for (prospect’s Name).

(Prospects name), this is (your Name).

I am calling you from my home here in (your city and state), because you went to (your offer) website and left your contact information.

I am pleased that you did that.
I am calling just to talk to you and learn about you, what your interest level and goals are and to see if we are a fit.

Kindly return my call to (your phone number).

I am looking forward to talk with you.

This is (your Name) from (your city and state) on (Date and Time – example: Monday 7th, at 5 PM East Coast Time).

Make it a great day.

———————— End of Voice mail Script 1 ———————————-

To alleviate days and weeks of phone tag and uncertainty, don’t be afraid to assign them a task just as if you were speaking to them live.

———————— Beginning of Voice mail Script 2 —————————
Hello (prospect’s Name),
this is (your Name) from (your city and state).

I’m calling you back in regards to (your offer).

What I’d like to do is leave you with my Website, plus I’ll be emailing it to you as well, so you can check out our offer.

I’m not here to sell you our product or business opportunity! If you see the value, you’ll sell yourself.

Simply watch the presentation and once you’ve done that, we should talk to see if we’re compatible and if we can work together.

We have the fastest growing team in the company.

Call me if you need to reach me now.
Again this is (your Name).
My home office number is
(your phone number) and

Don’t forget to look for the email from me as well. It will have specific instructions on exactly what to view. Have a great day and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Make it a great day!

———————— End of Voice mail Script 2 ————————————