In today’s world the 2 most powerful ways to get prospects to your offer, that also have a low startup cost, is Social Media and Email Marketing

  • Get support to be successful
    • There are a lot of training videos on YouTube.
  • Learn how to optimize your Social Network skills for business.
    • Building a Social Media presence will be a progressive process.
    • Social Networking is probably the most powerful way to let people “know” and “like” you. These are necessary ingredients for people to open up to want to join you in your adventures and business.

      Why? Because people love to follow real life stories. (That is why soap operas and reality shows are so popular and if you watch the news these days, you will find that that is exactly what they are doing – building up emotionally-catching real life stories.)

      Social Media is only useful for businesses if it focuses on engagement. The chances of success doesn’t depend on whether or not you have an account, but rather they depend on how you utilize the platform. Social Networking is also the cheapest resource, since it is free. It does cost you time, but over time you will be able to outsource it, if you like. Building up your Social Network is not done over night. It will take time. But if you do it right and consistently, it will pay off. Learn here how to do it right.
    • You can copy and use actual posts, comments and messages, placed under the “Copy and Paste” tab.