Somewhere, in any casual conversation, there will always be a perfect opportunity to share your excitement about what you are passionate about.

It feels good to ask someone “What are you doing?” or “What is going on in your life?” Then listening is easy.

And in turn, they will be curious about what is important in your life, and that is your opening to share your passion about your passion.


Before talking to others about your goal,
Do an Internal Conversation:

  • “Why am I contacting them?”
  • “Why do they want me to contact them?”
  • “Why do I want their support?”
  • “Why do they want to join?”
  • “How am I a gift?”.

Feel good when you Connect with others.
Why do you like people? Make sure you are in the mood to inspire people. If you feel it is going to be a drag, don’t contact them then. Wait! Get yourself in the mood of being excited to meet and engage with them. Be inspired.

Share your vision and hope. Share your passion.

Do not push people to do what you want. Our culture promotes that success comes from hard work.

The more we want, the harder we need to work. This leads to think that we need to force our way to success, which actually has the reverse resuts. The less you do, the better results you will have.