1. The Gold Ship – These are people who catch an idea quickly, ask a few important business due diligence questions, then make a decision and go to work! Get out of their way….!!!! They’re self starters. They create spillover, they never wait or expect spillover. They dig into the fine-print, handle all questions, challenges and objections on their own because they researched the data and know the correct response and answers. They’re the 1% and are worth their weight in gold!
  1. The Silver Ships – These are people who have good questions, need some direction and guidance, will use you often for 3-way calls, and will build a good business as long as you stay with them and lift them up when they have a few down days. Just work with them and get them back believing in themselves and the opportunity again, and they’ll move forward. Most teams are filled with lots of good people who have dreams and goals and do the best they can with the help of a few good leaders to guide them.
  1. Empty Ships – These people will take you down. They always see the glass as half full. They love gossip and negative news. Rarely will they enroll anyone, show up at meetings, get on calls. If we’re not careful, we can spend more time with the Empty Ships which can take us away from the Gold & Silver ships.

We should pre-qualify people just as if they were applying for the job at our retail store. We won’t hire everyone who walks through the door and will fire many who we hired 6 months ago, because what they said, versus what they do, is totally different.

Gold Ship people go far beyond the minimum. They will enroll 12 to 15 people in their first week or two. They’ll work with those people and then get back and enroll another dozen and then work with their team again and again, creating duplication that sets a solid foundation in place.

Silver Ships will enroll a few, and maybe in a few months, they’ll find 6 to 12 good people. We work with them and do everything we can to support them and their team to grow and duplicate towards the goal of freedom!

– There are those who make things happen, and those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. –