Step 2 – Presentation

The successful enrollment of someone is a 3 step process.

Step 1 is Approach and Pique Interest, Step 2 is Presentation, and Step 3 is Close.

The basic premise behind the entire process, Steps 1 to 3, is “the less you say, the better you will do”.

So, how do you say less in Presentation? Simple, you use tools to do the presentation for you.

Why do we use tools? Again, simple. The tools tell the exact same story to everyone without concern for rejection, preconceived notions of outcome or mis-emotion. It eliminates a major variable in producing the desired outcome.

Your tool may be your website, a colleague, a third party endorsement, a Live Call or Webinar, a recorded call or Webinar.

I recommend that you pick one or two tools from each category in your presentations going forward. You may be delighted at the outcome.