I want to just take a few minutes and talk about the realities of any Home Based Business.

There are several actions that we all must do in order to grow our group and our incomes. While all are important to the accomplishment of the goal, only ONE ACTION produces income to you… enrolling a customer or business partner.

Every Leader in the company from the owner down is dedicated to help you learn to do that regularly and easily.

The founder has developed a business model where you can advance to the top rank in the company by simply enrolling just a handful of people and helping them learn to do the same. Doing it successfully is a learned skill, just like riding a bicycle. You master that skill by practice and repetition. We want you to master that skill.

What’s in it for you if you do? Improved Financial Condition at a minimum, Total Financial Security and Freedom is within the reach of everyone, and True Wealth is possible.

What does it take for you to do it? Desire, Belief, Passion, Commitment and Consistent Action – done in a certain way. We are committed to teaching you that certain way.

How much will you earn for doing it? I can honestly tell you that you can earn whatever you want to earn and are willing to allow yourself to receive through this plan. Whether it is $500, $5000, $50,000 or more, it is all possible in this plan. We want it for you, the question is do you want it for yourself and are you willing to learn what you need to to have it?

Enrolling is a three step process consisting of: Approach & Pique Interest – Presentation – Close . They are three separate and distinct actions or steps.

The first step is:

The single biggest challenge that ALL of us face in this Endeavor, from the least experienced beginner in our Industry to the most accomplished high income earner, is HOW DO YOU GET A PERSON TO ACTUALLY LOOK AT OR LISTEN TO WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO COMMUNICATE TO THEM?

The answer lies in the Art of Approaching & Piquing Interest in your prospect, and is applicable to EVERY situation in which you are trying to get someone’s attention. Please notice that I DIDN”T say “the answer lies in the Art of Approaching & Regurgitatingeverythingyouknoworthinkyouknoworbelievetobetrueaboutthesubjectthatyouaretryingtoimpart.

Get the Picture? Success for all of us lies in avoiding the “HARE KRISHNA” effect, those of you who are old enough to remember the religious zealots in every airport in the world during the 70’s, will know what I mean. The point is we want to prevent a “GET AWAY FROM ME” response in the people we approach.

The Approach & Pique Interest is the critical step in the process.
WE HUMANS HAVE CURIOSITY. When we become curious about something, WE WILL SUSPEND OTHER OPERATIONS and thoughts and focus on what we are curious about UNTIL SUCH POINT WE HAVE SATISFIED OUR CURIOSITY about that thing. It is normal human behavior.


Now, many of you are already successfully recruiting and enrolling people in your Home Based business, and I applaud you and your success. It proves that there are many different approaches and dialogues possible to accomplish the Goal of Approaching & Piquing Interest. The reality is that some of them are dependent on the skill, talent, or stature of the person utilizing that approach and therefore not broadly applicable to everyone in our business.

What I attempt to do when I engage in a company, is to find the simplest dialogue that EVERYONE CAN use if they choose to, to successfully accomplish the job of Approaching & Piquing Interest.

This is the critical skill, I’m sure you will agree. If you never get to show the person what you have, it doesn’t matter what you have.

For the time I join a company, I experiment with DIALOGUES that produce the highest percentage of positive outcomes in the people I speak to. I now have an approach that is producing the desired result (ENROLLMENT) in over 50% + of the people I speak to.

First, I want to give you three words NOT TO USE in the Approach& Pique Interest step…

“OPPORTUNITY”, “BUSINESS” and “COMPANY”. I found that they caused the majority of people to disqualify themselves before I could show them anything.

Well, Geez, if I can’t say that, what do I say? Here is the exact pattern I use with every person I approach:

Hi, _______ This is (your name), Have you got a minute?
(YES) Great! Quick question for you, Do you know anyone that would like to get (your product/service).
(YES) Great! I want you to make time to visit my website. It will require about 15 – 20 minutes. Can you do that right now? (YES) Perfect. Thanks.

Go to (YOUR WEBSITE) to learn about it and call me back when you are done. I’ll be in touch, if I don’t hear from you today, okay? Thanks.

That is the end of Approach & Pique Interest step, I’m now into the PRESENTATION step, using the website AND TOOLS to do the presentation.

What if they say (NO) it is not a good time or they are not at their computer? Then I say:
No problem, when will you make the time to be on your computer?
Great, Call me then or I’ll call you, this is too cool.

If they say: “What is this about, can you give me a hint? Do not answer their question, because you will have satisfied their curiosity, you haven’t shown them anything and the likelihood of them moving forward goes way down.

Listen, (their name), a picture is worth a thousand words, when you get on the computer it will be very clear to you immediately and I believe you will see it is worth your time. I’m looking forward to hear your take. Bye now.