This message is for Network Marketing Leaders,
showing you what is happening with the 2nd Wave Social Media.

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Hoping all is wonderful in your world….!

Now the most powerful industries of our time, the exploding Online Shopping, is powered by the viral Social Media, and when united with the financial distribution system of Direct Marketing, you and me, the Social Media users and Online Shoppers can be richly rewarded. Maybe you already know about it, but if not…

This is an important message to every network marketing leader as this will impact your team very soon!

This message is long, however it concerns something that is about to change the network marketing industry.

It doesn’t matter what company you’re building, you could have a group of 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or more people. At least 80% of those on your team, are involved with a social platform. Your MLM company probably has it’s own Facebook page listing Corporate events and important updates.

Do you know how many people you are connected to on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other Social Media Platforms? Are you aware these platforms made billions last year on these connections? Facebook made 13 billions in 2014. Did they send you a Thank You check?

All that – has changed! There’s a new Social Media Platform, that is taking a significant portion of their revenue and pays it back to ALL of their members!

Here’s the challenge: This new social platform has a revenue sharing model. That means if you sent me an Invite to Connect and I accepted, all of the people I invite and connect with, and their people and their people, can now generate significant compensation for you. That’s great for everyone, even if you had nothing to do with My MLM company, or you were downline, sideline, cross line, which would usually cause other challenges within the Company Policies & Procedures!

Facebook moved into your team just like this platform will move into your team. If you choose to ignore what’s about to happen, that could become quite disruptive.

Nowadays, people everywhere are glued to their “smart phones” texting, pasting, posting, tweeting, blogging, sharing….
What if we could be well rewarded for this crazy new Social Media addiction?

Statistics tell us that 98% of people who join an MLM make $100 or less per month. What happens when those 98% start seeing compensation far greater than what they’re making from your MLM company? Is that possible you might ask?

Most people using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social platforms have hundreds of direct connections who have hundreds of direct connections. In MLM, we promote the idea of finding 3 good people and helping them find 3. We show them the math: 3 x 3 = 9. 9 + 3 means we have 12 through two levels. If John has 500 social connections and those 500 have 500 connections: 500 x 500 = 250k in two levels. This is why Facebook grew to over 1 Billion people in in 9 years while it took Amway 55 years to grow to 4 million.

This is social media and has already been described as Facebook with a Paycheck!

If you know someone who’s the top of a company, or better yet, someone who owns a network marketing company, this could be the most important doors you’ve ever opened! You may very possibly save their company from watching their network fall apart, by showing them what’s coming and how they can take advantage of this new social network and empower their network!


January 2004:
Something happened ten years ago that changed the entire networking industry. It’s called Facebook and the birth of Social Networking!

Most people in America are now on a social platform. There’s a good chance that many in your downline have a Smart Phone and are texting, sharing, Tweeting, blogging, and connecting with others, through social media.

MLM vs. Social Media:
It took 55 years for Amway to reach 4 million members. It took Facebook 9 years to reach 1 Billion.

A New Platform
The new Social Media Platform comes with a wide range of features, including chat rooms and powerful Rewards programs. This new dynamic platform has all the potential to quickly go viral and change the global world of social networking!

In other words, you’re going to very quickly see people on your team, join this new social platform. It’s just the nature of the beast…

This raises an important question for successful leaders. Because, when members of your team connect to our platform through someone other than you, the compensation for their connections, will go to someone else.

Over the years, MLM leaders have talked about the goal of breaking $20,000 per month. Yet less than 1% ever achieve that goal and far less than 1% make the even larger checks.

It’s important to understand what is about to happen, when a new dynamic social platform, with a powerful revenue sharing model, rapidly expands around the globe, and infiltrates all network marketing companies as well.

Any time now, one of your best friends or family member will send you an Invitation. Then, you’ll understand why I’m sending this to you today! These are the same friends who told you not to call them with one of those “pyramid things.” These are friends who have hundreds or thousands of connections on a number of social platforms!

Financial Impact:
When members of your team begin making more money from their global social platform, than from an MLM opportunity, that can either be disruptive to the MLM industry, or we can align ourselves with this new direction and use it to our advantage!

The Power of Numbers Changed!
Ask people who are on LinkedIn, how many connections they see on their Home Page, under “Professionals in your Network.” The number is going to be in the millions and for active leaders, it’s 10, 20 million or more. Most people have more people in their social networks than Amway. They’re just not being compensated for those massive networks – yet!

Nothing to Sell:
No selling or convincing! People don’t need to change company or take other products. They will continue doing exactly what they are already doing. They already know how to connect on Social Media. They are already promoting their current products on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms.

Massive Market:
Note: There isn’t a word about any business opportunity or compensation plan or anything that looks, smells or feels like MLM on “it”. Only 3% of Americans are involved with network marketing. Almost 100% are involved with social media!

How will this impact every network marketing leader? That depends upon their choice. Some quickly grasp that this is coming. They take action and begin connecting with their personally enrolled, introducing them to this new social platform. While others will ignore it, and their team will connect through invitations from their friends and family. Once those connections are made, they are connected for life, and if it wasn’t through you…..

It’s Your Move:
Unlike Facebook, this is an “invitation only” Social Platform (partly because that is the way we can calculate who to pay and how much). Consider yourself invited.

You now know this is coming and the importance of doing something before it infiltrates your team! Just like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…. this new platform will move into your team! But this time, the revenue sharing will change the game and the impact on every MLM team around the world!


How is the 2nd Wave of Social Media different than Traditional MLM?
Free members in MLM are non-existent. Over 95% of the people that join the 2nd Wave of Social Media will be free members.

Free members in MLM are of no value. We will be rewarded when free users shops online.

Traditional MLM is based on recruiting people to make sales. If no sales are made, you make no income. Here people will purchase online without your engagement.

Traditional MLM typically have a high start up cost with an expensive auto ship. They charge these fees to keep their company afloat.
With us it’s $50 a month or free. Paid and free users earn market share (income).

When a potential partner says “no” to you in MLM, it’s most definitely a no.
When a potential partner says “no”, they are saying that they don’t want to promote. That doesn’t mean that they will not join for free and earn rewards.

With MLM you need to convince people to change their buying habits. (Try my potion, lotion, pills etc.) You are very limited on your audience.
With us, most everybody uses social media and are familiar with it. Social media is used worldwide.

MLM Arena (past & present members) 17 million members.
Social Media Arena has over 2 billion Active users.

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