This message can be used when you connect with people who’s business it is to market themselves and/or their markets on Social Media. They usually already use many platforms.

———————– Beginning of Message ———————-
Hi (their name),
Just a little info between us Social Media Marketers.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs come out through Internet Network Marketing and take advantage of today’s advanced technology.

In the same way as Facebook moved in to everyone’s business, we will be very affected by the 2nd Wave of Social Media.

You may be happy with your products / services, so you don’t want to change. Social Media is not another product or service. Social Media has become the main way we promote our products / services. So, marketing on Social Media is not a conflict. It is a necessity.

Social Media companies are making a ton of money. We, the users, are the cause they make money, so it would only stand to reason that they shared some, especially since they have plenty of profits.

Now, (R-)EVOLUTION PUSHES for the 2nd Wave of Social Media, where these profits are rightfully shared with the users.

So, the 2nd Wave is about getting paid twice: once for the product/service and once for using the Social Media Platform. Two birds with one stone.

Social Media went from 0 existence 10 years ago to today being used by more than 2 billion people. If compared to the Direct Sales companies, they have about 300 million affiliates, after 55 years. Social Media has a VIRAL EFFECT that does not exist in Direct Sales. Social Media is free, but Direct Sales requires a monthly Autoship.

LET ME KNOW if you want a video-link that shows you were the 2nd Wave of Social Media takes you from here.

If you already have a Team, you can read this article and decide if you want to be the one keeping your Team up to date and be most effective:

Glad to be the bearer of these good news,
(Your Name)

(Your Contact Information)

———————– End of Message ——————————

———————– Beginning of Message ———————-

Hi (their first name),
Thanks for letting me know about your new project.

These days almost all products / services and projects are promoted through Social Media.

Until now we were told we should not be paid for that. Social Media companies make a lot of money, even though they don’t have any products.

We, the users are the cause they make money. Since they have plenty of profits, enough to share, it stands to reason that the users should be compensated, for being users.

Well, it is happening.
Maybe you already know about the 2nd Wave of social Media, but if not…

Imagine getting paid for selling your products and services, and at the same time you get paid by your Social Media company for promoting it on their platform, like LinkedIn or Facebook sending you a paycheck. Two birds with one stone.
Best choice.

Some people, like myself, is satisfied with the large income from the 2nd Wave of Social Media, and some people are so passionate about a particular product / service or project that they choose to continue promoting them, and thus get double pay.

Let me know if you want a video-link that shows you where the 2nd Wave of social Media is taking us.

To your success,
(Your name)

———————– End of Message ——————————