Congratulation on choosing to be a Conscious Entrepreneur!
This puts you in control of your schedule and being RESPONSIBLE for YOUR DESTINY.

What does it mean to be a Conscious Entrepreneur?
Being a Conscious Entrepreneur sometimes means that you work more than on a “job”, for a while, but you do it with passion and a sense of ownership.

How do You know if You are a Conscious Entrepreneur?
If you have a certain “vision and/or mission” and you find yourself unemployable, you will look for unorthodox ways to create and accomplish your dream. You always look for how you can improve yourself and your business. That is the entrepreneurial spirit. It drives you to success.

  • You know that you are supposed to and can manifest your dreams.
  • When you encounter obstacles you do not complain. Instead you look for and find solutions.
  • You see opportunities and possibilities, not disaster.
  • Your glass is always full or at least half full.

What are the Benefits of being a Conscious Entrepreneur?
As an employee, you are limited to fitting into the financial structure, work schedule and feeding your boss’ dreams.

But as a Conscious Entrepreneur you see the sky as your limit. You are in touch with your deep innocent desires and know you can manifest them into reality.

There are several advantages working as an Internet Entrepreneur over any other job:

  • Low startup cost, unlike starting a business or franchise.
  • You don’t have to take on a student loan to live on while you are learning, ending up with having to pay the loan back once you get a job and start making money.
  • Instead of struggling with your teachers, you have free mentors who care about your learning. The more successful you are, the more successful they are.
  • Instead of learning useless skills, that comes with most jobs, the Social Media skills are life skills, applicable to every business model at the same time, these skills help you grow as a person, making your life more fulfilled.

To Become a Successful Conscious Entrepreneur You Need Two Ingredients:

1. You need to realize the truth about the process of creation and manifestation.

  • You need to realize that what you do with your thinking is the difference between failure and success, because your thinking either motivates you to complaining and weak action or to inspired successful action.
  • You need to connect with your “why”, which brings you to the effortless passion that gets you actively engaged in successful activity that manifests your goals.

2. You need tools of what, where and how to market.
On this website you have your:

  • Business preparation setup
  • Business training
  • Cut and paste marketing materials
  • Suggestions of where to market
  • Suggestions on how to market