Sometimes you get people asking you to be friends on your Social Media Platforms, Skype or by email and you know they are Spam people, trying to con you. The way they write makes it clear that they are lying and they don’t respond to your questions. They just try to get you to follow a certain path but that ends with you sending them money.

If you have time and you think it would be worth it, instead of or in addition to deleting them or blocking them, you might sometimes use the situation to invite them to your offer. They are obviously already good on the internet, know something about inviting and have an entrepreneurial spirit, even though mis-directed at the moment.

Don’t spend too much on them. You could just copy and paste the Response below, once. Do this only once and then forget about them. Maybe it will be that time when you can help a dissolute soul. Remember to ADD YOUR personal link, where indicated.

———————— Beginning of Response 1 ——————————

I am not interested in your proposal. I am sending you this opportunity instead, because you are entrepreneur and you are good with the internet.

WHAT IF watching a short video could make you Good Money in a Nice, Supportive, True, Honest and Legal Way?

(Your offer and its benefits.)

Take the TOUR to see where (your offer) is taking us now.


If you like what you see, then contact me back and I will help you get started for free.
(Your Name)

————————- End of Response 1 ————————————–