How do you know if it is an automatic response?

It looks generic with no reference to you personally.

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Hi (their name),

I really like your entrepreneurial spirit.

Thanks for your information and I wish you good luck with it.

You obviously know the power of Social Media since you have reached out to me here.

Imagine a Facebook like Social Media Platform driving sales for Online Shopping like Amazon and more, on the same platform, and you getting a cut.

Maybe you already know about it, but if not,
you will soon find out where people go to have their new Social Media experience.

Thanks to the most powerful industries of our time, the exploding Online Shopping, being propelled by the Viral Social Media, and channeled through the Direct Sales payment system, the Social Media users, you and me, can receive cash-back and Entrepreneurs all over the world have a new avenue to build a RESIDUAL INCOME.

Social Media companies have gone from 0 users to 3 billion in 10 years and now make billions of dollars, so they have plenty of profit that THEY COULD SHARE, with us, the users. And ethically they should, since we are the reason that they make money in the first place.

The situation is the same with the Online Shopping companies. eCommerce is now a 1.7 Trillion dollar industry and has become a trusted way to shop – the convenience of shopping from home + the ability to search for the best prices.

Even though these companies decided not to share, EVOLUTION is inevitably creating the 2nd Wave of Social Media – the inevitable next push to change, yet again, how we live, communicate and make money.

TAKE THE TOUR and find out where the 2nd Wave of Social Media is taking us now.


Let me know of any questions, if you want more information and if you get it and want an invitation right now.

Make it a Great Day!
(Your Name)

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