Here’s a powerful tool that is far better than a Script because once you understand this Formula, it allows you to be more flexible, and keep your conversation organized into 3 Parts:

Part 1:  The Problem

Part 2:  The Solution

Part 3:  The Opportunity

Problem –
The Problem is something that your prospect would like to change
– Their WHY. 

Maybe they’re trying not to lose their house to foreclosure.  That’s a major problem.
Maybe each month they’re late on their rent payment.  That’s also a problem.
Maybe they’re worried because they think they may get laid off.
Maybe their water heater blew, their credit cards are already maxed out, and they are trying to sell things at a garage sale this weekend to pay for the repair….   Maybe they’re in major trouble…!
Maybe their health care is not making them feel safe.

The Problem can also be to find a vehicle that will actually generated money for them. Working at Wall-Mart is not too exciting but they’re the only ones hiring…. Maybe they’ve tried network marketing many times and could never get anyone interested in buying their products. Maybe all the jobs in their town are going to younger folks…

Solution  –
The words:  “Maybe I can help” bring a light at the end of the tunnel to someone who’s frustrated and worried about putting food on the table for their family.

Feel / Felt / Found –  John, I know exactly how you feel, I went through downsizing, we almost lost our home, but through tons of searching I found an incredible solution that put us totally put us back on a solid financial track and beyond!  

Opportunity –
I don’t know if you’re interested, or open but if you are, I’d love to help you get back on your feet as well…!


If you use that formula, which I call:  P + S = O or my updated variation: Challenge Equals Opportunity or CEO, learning how to take charge of our lives!

Using that simple formula allows us to keep our conversation moving in the 3 Part direction. Don’t move into the Solution phase before you have solidified the problem.  Do they have a reason why or are they delighted with their life. They have all the money they need and making a zillion extra per month is not of interest at all….

Remember it’s not about the money.  It’s about what the money can do. Someone who owns a successful company maybe making tons of money however it’s very possible they have no life. What they need is more time and an extra $$$$ per month can be the solution to hiring great people to delegate what they do so they can escape and enjoy their life!

Following a Script makes it hard to be flexible.  Good leaders learn how to be quick on their feet as each conversation is not the same.  Some people talk fast, others slow, some have been successful in the home-based industry, others not at all and avoid it like the plague.  P+S=O allows you to be very flexible, while staying on track with moving the conversation through those 3 phases towards the opportunity.

One last point: You have to present the VALUE for them to be interested in the Solution / Opportunity. (That is where a 3-way call with your upline can be of great help.) Value is painting the Big Picture to the point people don’t care how much it cost, they want in NOW…!!!

Events and keep your radar open for people who are active, smiling and especially the younger generation!  Today could be that day you find an incredible prospect who takes off so fast they’ll make your head spin!!!