One of the byproducts of our privileged lives is the fact that we can have instant gratification of our wants as well as our needs.

Feeling hungry? No problem, just drive a quarter mile in any direction and you will pass 100 locations where you can buy food of every description. Want to buy something? No problem, just use a credit card. Instant gratification is a wonderful thing on one side of the coin, but on the other side, it can breed a sense of entitlement; and more insidiously frustration and anger at any perceived delay in the obtainment of that which is desired at that moment.

The ability to have instant gratification has become an obsession to have instant gratification on all fronts for many people. Obsessions are not healthy behavior. I believe that the obsessive need for instant gratification is probably what leads the people who chose to discontinue with any business to make that decision.

It really is astonishing to me, that some find 1- 2 years to unparalleled financial security to be too slow in their minds. It is not “instant” enough gratification. What makes me laugh is how “instant “ it is compared to the 50 hours a week/ 50 weeks a year/50 years model that most of society has gone into agreement with as a life business model.

I believe they are confused as regards the goal of a business. They believe the distorted stories of HUGE money fast, which is the goal in some MLM companies for good reason; rather than to make significant, stable, residual money over time.

They think that the goal is to be there (big money), and I say the goal is the journey to there; the goal is the fun and joy you have along the way, on your way to there.

Why do I think that way and what do I mean? For the parents out there, the simplest analogy I can give is to imagine that the time frame from birth to full maturation of our children is 2 months instead of 20 years. How much fun, love and joy would all of us miss out on by losing 19 years of the journey?

From a business perspective, growing a steadily increasing stable business and income over time brings personal growth, increased knowledge, satisfaction, gratification, creativity and joy in the journey that is irreplaceable. The challenge that we all face is our limited human view of every situation in life and the relentless barrage of both internal self-talk and external input that seeks to instill fear and anxiety into every thought and action that we have and do.

Your personal results will be based on the choices you make. Are you willing to make the choice that this time you are going to make it, and commit to staying the course for 24 months? Are you willing to make the choice that this time you are not going to allow yourself to slack off and justify it? Are you willing to learn the mindset and the skill set necessary to achieve your financial security?

Folks, we have the simple system that you can follow to achieve your success. Would that choice be worth it if you create a monthly stable, passive, residual income of $500, $5000, $50,000 or more for yourself and your family? Many are, and you can too. It is just a choice that you make. I hope you choose to prosper.

We have often heard that Patience is a virtue. And like all virtues, it is sometimes difficult to practice.

WEBSTER’s defines patience as “the bearing of annoyance, misfortune, setbacks, delays etc. without complaint, loss of temper or irritation. An ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance in waiting. Quiet perseverance”.

I would like to expand that definition to include the following: What true patience is, is knowing that you want it and knowing that it’s coming and actually enjoying the unfolding along the way.

Understand that you never get it done as fast as you think you want to get it done. So you might as well be patient. Remember that each and everyone of us co-creates our reality with God and therein lies the challenge. God’s time is infinite, and we need it done yesterday!

The events of our lives are the sum of all the beliefs that we hold about ourselves and life. Beliefs are nothing more than repetitive thoughts.

A new twist on that idea is that whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you are appreciating, you are planning…What are you planning? Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want. Worrying is low tone vibration.

Your abundance is a response to your vibration. Of course, your belief is the “engine” of your vibration. If you will relax and begin saying, “Everything occurs in its perfect time. Everything is unfolding. And I’m enjoying where I am now, in relationship to where I’m going, content where I am, and eager for more,” that is the perfect vibrational stance.

What am I driving at? It is normal to worry, it is human to worry. We worry when things are going great, and we really worry when they appear not to be. And that goes for everyone, believe it or not. The advantage that Leaders have is that they can see how the entire business is progressing and that perspective helps to alleviate the worry.

This is working just like we were told, and it is working for you. The only way it will not work is if you make the conscious decision to quit, stop all activity.

Why would anyone quit? The answer lies I think in the Inspiration for the Day, I once sent out. One of the amazing wonders of our universe is the fact that caterpillars and butterflies are 2 expressions of the same Beingness. A caterpillar has no consciousness of its ability to fly, yet we learned that in the struggle to emerge from the cocoon, it creates the strength and morphology and consciousness of a butterfly which allows it to fly.

We are all that caterpillar when we embark on our business venture, and many will have the patience and courage to persevere and emerge as butterflies in two years. Some sadly will not. What is the difference? For many, it is that inner voice of doubt, the inner saboteur that reinforces all the negative beliefs and fixed ideas that have held us back in life.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your Life, and it can be the first day that you take a stand against the inner negativity and doubt. Plug into the calls, Webinars and trainings and apply what you learn. Do it for yourself and your family’s future security. The choice is yours to make, whither and die as a caterpillar or soar as a butterfly. I hope you FLY!

– Doc Fran