We all have our different style of doing something, but if you don’t have any idea of how to get started, here are some pointers.

Typically, it will take 2-3 or more contacts with someone, to get them to want to investigate your offer, and see the full potential of what you have our hands on. This is just normal results in the sales field.

If you give them everything all at once, you have no purpose to get back in touch with them.

I recommend that you provide info to them according to what you know about them.

  • I usually present why my offer is important and then ask them if they want me to send them a link and find out what is happening, first in a private message.
  • If they do not respond, I follow up with a short inquiry,
    “Hey you never got back to me. I am sure you are using this anyway, so staying tuned is important.

    Let me know (your phone number).”
  • If I still do not get a response, I might wait 4-5 days and send another private message sharing my Capture Page. “My offer is absolutely astounding. I would (love/like) to have you join me. Here is a short video about how my company will pay. Call me (your phone number).”
  • After that, if you have their phone number, call them to see if they watched the videos. Remember to let the videos do the work for you, do not talk to them on the phone and try to explain it. If they have not watched the first video, ask them to do that, and state “It’s only about 10 minutes long, can you watch it right now and call me back?”

After that attempt, or before, depending on the person and feedback, I will wait another week before I make contact again, and, then another week. You don’t want to harass them. Their daily agenda does not include what you are so excited about.

Your offer may not be high on their priority list – yet. When you sent the videos they may have been going to the doctor, taking a kid to a ball games, or they had to work overtime etc.

I spread out my follow ups longer and longer. Until they sign-up or respond and say, “I am not interested”, “It is not for me”, or “Go jump in the lake”.

And you never know they may still come around 3-4 months down the road.

Consistent and persistent effort will get the job done. Set YOUR goal of a set number of people you are going to contact per day and stick with it. Some contact 30-50 per day. Some contact 10-20 per day. As all things are, it is a numbers game, the more contacts you share with the more and faster results you will get.

Your attitude is everything. If you are still in doubt or have questions, get them answered. Call your upline to talk. Acquire enough information that you know you have your hands on something good. Then your projected confidence will create attractive energy, and you will start to find people to set free.

You can do it. We can all do this. You simply have to keep trying. Go for it!