Why Aren’t More People Successful? One of the reasons is FEAR. Daily routine, habits, are ingrained in their subconscious programming, and we are comfortable with those habits.

Making the Choice to take a Chance and do something different, is something we Fear. Fear is where the “I can’t, I’m not capable, I don’t know how, I’m afraid of talking to people, What if I fail……”   phrases live!

FEAR:  False Evidence Appearing Real
By the way, we’ve all got those fears. Leaders learn to face Fear and do it anyway, as they discover when they do, it wasn’t as hard as their mind was making it to be.

FEAR:  Forget Everything And Run
Here’s a simple example:
You’re out and about and you see some 20 year old, texting on their phone. Their thumbs are going a mile a minute and you think: “That’s someone I need to talk to, but what do I say, how can I break the ice and not look like an idiot, but he’s only like 20, what am I afraid of, what do I say to not sound like a salesman… Oh. He’s gone. Darn I should have said something!”

Here’s a simple approach that is really quite painless to open the door: “Hey…. How’s it going?” “Looks like you spend a lot of time on your phone.” “Have you heard about the new social platform?”

You opened the door and either you get a grunt, or you get someone interested and wanting to no more info.The hardest part, is opening the door. But when you practice a simple script like that until it feels comfortable, opening the door becomes easy!

FEAR:  Feeling Excited And Ready!

Move past FEAR…!
How would your life be different if you were making so much money that you never needed to worry about bills or the price of food, or paying your mortgage, or…..   ever again?

Wake up each day, and focus on your long-term big goals! Write them down and put them on the wall.  Make it the first thing you see, and read, every morning!

Then realize this simple reality: Words tell us what we want. Action tells us what we get!

Daily habits are simple actions that move us on small steps towards our huge long-term goals.

FEAR:  From Every Action – Results!