Expanding Your Network!
One of the ways to build a powerful network of people is to build a group on an existing platform. LinkedIn is a good option because most of the members are business professionals and when we Export the data of all of our contacts from LinkedIn we get their Name, what they do and we get their Email so we can contact them directly.

The process is relatively simple and can build your group by 100 people daily by doing a simple daily habit requiring 20 – 30 min. of your time! 

1: You need a LinkedIn Account. Easy – go to www.LinkedIn.com and sign up. It’s Free, just like our platform will be when we go Live.

2: Work on creating your Profile. This can take some time as it’s important to make sure your profile is dynamic. If you Invite some stranger to connect with you, they’re not looking to expand their social network with people who are boring! A great picture is step #1 and not something that’s out of focus. A “head shot” of you that’s professional looking as people are visual and Profiles with no profile, don’t get noticed! You also want to make sure your Profile Description is filled with Key Words that will Attract Others. Words like: Social Media Expert – after all, you are!!! Networker, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Life Coach…. These Key Words will bring you to their attention when they’re searching for others to connect!

3: List what you’ve done with dates of Start to End. This is your journey that brings out who you are, where you’ve been, what are your talents, skills and brilliance you bring to the table! Where did you go to school? What was your highest degree?

4: Hobbies and other interests? Hang gliding, barefoot water skiing are some of my fun hobbies. What are yours?

5: Start searching for names of people you know. A good place to start is searching for your college or University. Every Invite you Connect with, opens a new network of people and possibilities! We are all only 7 steps away from everyone else on the planet, or so the saying goes….

6: When you Login to LinkedIn it brings you to your Home Page. The top of that page will look like this:

The words on the Right Side of that heading, are the KEY to Expanding your social network every day by up to 100 people!!!

Click on the Words: People You May Know and you’ll discover a rather large group of people, you probably don’t know! You’ll see their name, a brief description of what they do, where their from, and a Button to send them an Invite! If will look something like this:

linkedin-people-connectTheir picture tells a story. Are they smiling or growling? Is their picture professional or are you wondering why they chose a picture of them walk down an escalator? What are they trying to say with their picture? Note: Trevor Root has No Picture and No Description! Trevor probably doesn’t get many people wanting to Connect with him. Miriam Noss – time to work on improving your profile young lady! Let’s see your smiling face and Brand Partner is not going to attract anyone where as Michael Mansfield is telling everyone that he’s a professional and in a few words his expertise!

You can scroll down through hundreds of people and when you see someone that catches your attention you can either Press Connect or you can click on their Picture which will take you direct to their Profile and find out more about them. Are they in an MLM, how many, when, what else do they do, what are their goals, etc… Alejandro Vega doesn’t have a Picture but he is telling us he’s into MLM with Wake Up Now.

If you schedule time every day to look at this list and press Connect on great prospects, you’re going to be very well rewarded when our Platform goes Live as you’ll be able to Invite all of your online connections and the more you have, the greater potential you’ll have with IQLife when we go Live!!!

Also note: LinkedIn offers additional features when you Upgrade. The cost runs $30 to $90 per month depending upon what level you’d like to expand to.

They really want people to Upgrade! Why? Increasing features to members, once those features are programmed into their Platform, doesn’t cost them any more money! What if they get 1 million people to Upgrade for $90 per month? They make a boat load of money!!!

So when you expand your Contacts and your LinkedIn network grows, a switch in their software turns on and you begin getting well crafted promos to “Try their service for FREE for 30 days!” Let’s get you hooked…. Great idea! Could the 2nd Wave of Social Media offer that to your massive network and help get more people to Upgrade which will increase your Compensation? You bet!!!!

If you’re still not excited about the potential of what you have in your hand, you will be very soon as things are about to Speed Up with the 2nd Wave of Social Media and the great news is: You Are Here!!!!! 🙂