Purpose of working with LinkedIn is to connect with and inspire new prospects to join you in your business.

———————————— Tip 1 ———————————-

Fill out your profile as close to 100% as possible.
Check out good profiles, so you can learn to do a good profile and maybe even copy certain sections.
Here are a few good Profiles: Arne Rantzen; Monica Garaycoechea; 

———————————— Tip 2 ———————————-

Put a picture of yourself. People want to see that you are a real person.

———————————— Tip 3 ———————————-

Add some benefit to your profile, so when someone scans it, you will catch their attention with something that they feel will benefit them.

———————————— Tip 4 ———————————-

Make sure your name and title (2) lines are catching.
It may take a little tweaking to get it to fit the perfect way.

———————————— Tip 5 ———————————-

After your last name add “L.I.O.N.”
This means “LinkedIn Open Networker” and that you are open for all connections.
People who search this will add you because it’s in your profile.

———————————— Tip 6 ———————————-

Clean up your Time-Line.
Delete posts and pictures that are unnecessary, duplicates, similar, and meaningless clutter.
This is your Business presentation.
This is a continuous process, like you keep cleaning your home.

———————————— Tip 7 ———————————-

Don’t pay for upgrades on LinkedIn. Everything you want to do here, you can do for free.

———————————— Tip 8 ———————————-

You can import your address books into LinkedIn, if you want to see all your contacts there.

———————————— Tip 9 ———————————-

You can export your LinkedIn contacts to an Excel file. This is useful when you want all your contacts email addresses.

———————————— Tip 10 ———————————-

You should put your skills with the least endorsements at the top of your Skills and Endorsements section, so that they also get endorsed and quicker, making LinkedIn see you as more important.

Go to your Home Page on LinkedIn. Click the profile button at the top. Scroll down to your Skills and Endorsements section. Scroll a little further down, where your see “Your name and … also knows about…” section. When you mouse over that section, an edit icon appears on the right. Click it.

Now you can mouse over each skill. lick-and-hold the mouse right key on any Skill you want to move. Just drag the skills that you want at the top and vice versa for what you want below. Then save.

———————————— Tip 11 ———————————-

Endorse people as much as you have time to.
For ease and speed choose to click the “Endorse All” button.
People will see it and remember your name more. It will boost their profile and they will often endorse you back, boosting your profile.

———————————— Tip 12 ———————————-

Prepare Copy-and-Paste ready-made posts, messages, emails and scripts or choose from the left side Navigation of this website.

———————————— Tip 13 ———————————-

You want to connect with people on LinkedIn in a way that they will remember you and what you have to offer and so their contacts will find out about you and what you stand for too.

The more you establish a personal connection the better. Message them. Get in to a truthful and meaningful exchange.
People make business with the people they trust and like.

When the time is right, you will offer them your business opportunity too.
(For a more personal connection don’t send them any business links until they have confirmed that they want you to send them.)

Of course, there is a limit to how many people you can keep up with. Make it is real, easy and interesting to yourself. Choose interesting people by scanning their profile. Then follow your intuition and with who.

When you encounter people with whom you are not a match, use the standard copy and paste messages on the left side of this webpage.

Your job is not to convince them to connect. It is just to make as many connections as possible. If they accept, great; if not, okay and move on.

———————————— Tip 14 ———————————-

Build your network on LinkedIn.
Look for recruiters, visionaries, entrepreneurs, coach, leader, game changer, leader.

The videos in the LinkedIn Training on this website have several good tricks.
Below are more good ways.

———————————— Tip 15 ———————————-

Use the Advanced people search to get more connections.
At the top of LinkedIn – Click the Advanced button. (Limited to 50 groups.) Pick the ones that appeal to you.
Relationship: Uncheck the first connections (because you are already connected to them.)
Check 2 nd connections, group members, (check at least one group).

There are groups for every college in the country – check that one off and invite alums to network.
Also search Keywords like: Social Media; SEO; Executive Brand Partner; Associate, Affiliate, (your hobbies); Travel; Leisure; Adventure; MLM; Network Marketing; etc.

It’s going to say “Message” which means we are connected.
Or it is going to say “Invitation Sent”.
Or it will open up a box asking for person’s email address.
If this doesn’t happen, move on to the next one.

This search can be done for 100 people at a time. Leave 5 or 6 hours between your searches. Maybe do twice a day.

Go thru them quick. Click connect, connect, connect. Do as fast as possible.

———————————– Tip 16 ———————————-

Use the Advanced people search to get more connections. At the top of LinkedIn – Click the Advanced button.
Search your niche: (Travel, Leisure, Adventure, MLM, Network Marketing, etc…).
Add yourself to any group that comes up.
When you are added to the group, make sure that you are VERY active in the discussion. On the right side of the group page, it will show you your contribution level.
You can create a discussion and use some of the posts, ads, messages and comments on this website and post them. People WILL respond.

———————————— Tip 17 ———————————-

Go to your search bar on LinkedIn, click on “Interests” button and scroll down and click on “Groups”
Write a post. You can Copy and Paste from the left side of this webpage.

———————————— Tip 18 ———————————-

Places to pick up new connections for free:

Get 500 new connections for $10. + They add another 500 for the first time.

———————————— Tip 19 ———————————-