The Fortune is in the Follow Up! Polite Persistence….! You spoke with someone a month or two ago or maybe even two years ago about something else and they said: NO. Things change in our lives! Call up. Say hello. See what’s going on, what’s new, update….!

It’s called Net Work not Net Loaf! Many are afraid of that 4 letter word but leaders are driven by their passion, belief and commitment, working their way to do what ever it takes to reach the goal! We can work it out…..! 🙂

Prospects –
Are your list of prospects organized? What’s their why? When was the last time you spoke with them? What were they doing? Long-term goals? Challenges at work? Their problem is they have no time…. Not interested in making more money….. Their kids are going to be going to college and….

Are you using the Calendar in your Computer to put in alerts to call people in 2, 3, 4, weeks?

A number of the top leaders on my team are here because I continued to follow up with them for 3, 4 months! The Fortune is truly in the Follow Up!

Email Dripping System –
We can followup with emails but we don’t want to send the same email every time! That’s why we have SPEED, the automated blog, email and Chat system.


Roughly 3% of Americans are involved with some home-based business. The other 97% are always looking to find things of value at a savings.

While you may be building an MLM, reaching out to the 3%, I invite you to an opportunity where you can open the door to the 97%. Imagine the power of Facebook, with a Paycheck…!

To put that in perspective: It took 55 years for Amway to build a network of 4 million strong. It took only 9 years for Facebook, to grow to 1 billion.

This opportunity is huge. It’s not an MLM so there’s no conflict with your MLM company. You can finally talk with friends & family and they won’t ask you if “this is one of those pyramid things…” And, you can promote and build your MLM using this new social platform.

This new social platform is Global. Getting in in this movement now is a very wise business decision!

Note: I’m not asking you to stop building your MLM, just consider something with a broader market and the power to help you build your network marketing company at the same time! Multiple streams of income are part of the foundational principals of Warren Buffet and other successful businessmen!