Find new prospects on the Social Media Platforms and message or email them an invitation.

It is best to start off “a messaging connection”, without including an actual link.
It is more respectful and inspiring to ask if you can send them a link.

Once people respond to your messages, focus on building a relationship with them.

Sometimes you will find people searching for this kind of business, right now. You might even be surprised when some of them turn in to new good business partners and friends.

At some appropriate point, ask if they are open to see your business link.

If they show interest after they have seen your business invitation link, answer any questions and invite them to join.

If they need more support, set up a 3-way call with your Upline.

If they are interested, help them Sign-Up and get started.


Invite your business prospects to see the business presentation, by sending them to


Invite everyone to this by sending them your LINK, where they will see the video.