The purpose for a 3-Way Call is for your Sponsor / Upline to meet your prospect, so they can help you guide your prospect to join you in your business.

(Here you can also learn how to Run a 3-Way Call, when it is your turn to be the Upline.)

3-Way Calls also allow your prospects to meet the “expert” and:

  • Have a chance to ask any questions and clear any doubts about the offer.
  • Get clear on how your offer will benefit them.
  • Get to know that there is expertise, backing up your business invitation.

Using the “Magic of 3” process to enroll your prospects will vastly increase your success.

The reason the “Magic of 3” is so important and powerful is because it includes all the 3 necessary elements that is needed for your prospect to make an involved and educated decision.

The 3 elements are:

  • First, YOU having a personal relationship with them PROMOTE TRUST. Because they know you, they will make it a priority, in their already busy schedule, to actually take a look at your offer.
  • Second, your PROSPECT having an initial interest – a need for the Service and/or looking for this kind of business – and at a time when they are available to focus on a new business.
  • Third, the fact that there exists others people doing this business and specifically others that are EXPERTS (your Sponsor / Upline) on the topic, makes the business valuable, credible and legitimate.

When one of these elements is missing, it takes a lot of work and is very difficult to enroll someone.

  • First, if they don’t have someone to trust they will always be too busy. To overcome an initial lack of trust, a person need to be looking already and have a personal vision.
  • Second, if they have no interest or capacity to focus on something new and able to allocate some time to a new adventure, they will never show up.
  • Third, if the only person they see involved in this business is you and they know that you are kind of new to this and thus not an expert, they will have a hard time to see that this business has a vision and future.

When is your prospect ready for a 3-way call, when they have watched a personal or video presentation and this sparked an interest in them to consider joining.

How to do a 3-way call.
Start the 3-Way Call by introducing everyone.

Introduce your Sponsor/Upline by edifying them – they have… and they are…. Making them an EXPERT.
Acknowledge your prospect, which makes them feel accepted.

Then, DO NOT INTERRUPT your Sponsor/Upline, by adding something, because that takes away their EXPERT STATUS in your prospect’s mind.

Sometimes you use your Sponsor/Upline to be the Expert and sometimes your Team will use you, as the Expert. Either way, the following script is really easy to use.

——————– Beginning of 3-Way Call ——————-

Introduce “expert”.

(Expert says) (Prospect’s name), Do you have any burning question about what you have looked at so far. It will be best to answer them right away.

(Answer any question(s).)

(You then want to establish rapport with your prospect. Always start by asking the following question:)
Tell me a little about yourself (prospect’s name).
What you are looking for?
How can the offer benefit you?

This will open the person up and you will really be in communication with them. Answer any questions they have that come up in the course of the conversation.
Take their words and say them back in the form of a question:)

So, (prospect’s Name), I understand that if the offer can help you reach (their goals and timing) you would consider it worth doing?

(If they don’t give you clues in their comments, then ask them:)
(Prospect’s Name), tell me what you’re looking for in a company so we can determine if the offer is a good match for you.

(If the prospect asks: “What is the offer?” Respond with the following:

“I am very excited about ….”

(After you have answered their questions and the conversation is at a conclusion point, close with the following:)

(Prospect’s name), is there anything else that you need to see or hear to make the decision to take the offer right now?

(Then, depending on whether they say yes or no, you complete the registration right on the spot or you send them a another tool or get them to another person to talk to.)

Bye for now.

 ——————– End of 3-Way call ——————-