This calling script is for when you call people who showed a basic interest in running a Home Based Business. They got on this list because they responded to some internet marketing. Maybe you got them from a paid email lead list. So, they are not completely cold, but they might not know about your business.

————————- Beginning of Script ————————–
(Prospects Name), My Name is (your Name),
I am calling you because You recently expressed an interest in making some additional income by working from home!

1. Are you interested in a Part Time Or Full Time Option?

2. Would you be interested in a job or becoming an Independent Business Owner, where you can set your own hours and income?

3. Provided that you qualify, how much time would you be willing and able to invest in your new business?

4. Based on finding the right business, how much income would it take to get you committed to working ( ______ number of hours – fitting the amount of time they said they want to invest) Hours.

(Wrap up!)

I think I have something that could fit what you’re looking for!
I need 10 Minutes of your time to watch a video, that will explain everything that we do!
This should give you a really good idea of what’s involved and for you to see if we are a fit for you….
Would now be a good time?

Good. Here is the link YOURCAPTUREPAGELINK
Here is my phone number (give your contact number).
Call me when you are done!

Bye for now.

————————- End of Script ——————————————

(Now, email over your capture page and an invitation to our weekday calls.)