Setting Goals Is the Catalyst Needed to Manifest What You Really Want!

When you set your goals, you let your natural desire, inner vision and dreams bathe you in the unlimited possibilities available to you.

Envisioning your dreams tickles your soul, brings forth your happiness and vision, and makes you focused, persistent and strong.

If you don’t set goals, you don’t direct your powerful Life-Force to support your dreams. Your Life-Force is an unstoppable naturally appearing energy and your goals filters that energy to manifest as your desires, making it much easier for you than if you had to struggle and muster up all that creative power on your own.

If you don’t set goals, you don’t access the motivation needed to pull you through, when times are tough. You get the “It doesn’t matter” syndrome and easily revert back to your familiar lifestyle.

Choosing to have goals brings you out of your cocoon onto an adventure to live On Purpose.

Not setting goals, is like going for a Sunday drive, without a destination in mind. You will drive here and there and hopefully enjoy it somewhat. But, in the end you arrive back where you started from, without having “been there”.

If you plan your excursion, you will embark on an enlivening adventure. Afterward you will be able to measure whether you “went there” or not.

You either accomplished what you set out for yourself or you learned what you need to improve to succeed on your next excursion.



Set goals from an attitude of gratitude.
This implies that you already have it.

Generalizations may get results that you don’t really want.
Be specific about what you want. The more specific you are, the more you will get exactly what you ask for. This is like ordering food in a restaurant. If you only ask for food you don’t really know what you might get. You will get food but maybe not your favorite. When you ask for what you really want, you will get what you really want.

Don’t struggle towards your goal, but be clear of what you want.
Once you have ordered food in the restaurant you don’t need to check in the kitchen to see how the cooking is going. You don’t need to control and struggle but just trust that the food will be delivered. After you have ordered your food, enjoy your time during the wait and enjoy the fact that you don’t need to cook. Let go, surrender, and trust.

Don’t figure out how to get your goals.
Do not worry about the “how” or the “from where” you will achieve your goals. There are many connections that you are not conscious of that may serve you. Focus only on your desired result.

Let go of old goals.
The old goals stop the new goals from having space to materialize. This is like getting new furniture. To fit the new furniture into your house you need to get rid of the old first. Otherwise you will have no space for them.

Clarify the reason for your goals.
This energizes them and makes them easier and quicker to manifest.

Put a manifestation date with the goal in writing, in order to confirm and solidify the commitment to its manifestation.

The process to reach your goal is like a drive-thru.

  1. Place your order.
    If you don’t place an order you won’t get anything.
    This makes it clear of what you really want.
  1. Pay for your order.
    If you don’t pay, then you won’t receive anything.
    This is done by spending time engaging with your goal – studying, exploring and focus on your internal visualizations and vibrations.
  1. You have to drive-thru and wait in line at the different stations to collect your order.
    This is the waiting period for the order to be made.
    Be patient, persevere, have trust and surrender.
  2. Collect your order.
    You have to drive up and collect it.
    This is when you open up to receive and celebrate the result of your order.

What do you do once you have received your order – your goal?

  • Celebrate your success.
  • Get used to your new experience.
  • Don’t struggle with your new experience.


Make a Treasure-Map, also called a Mind-Map.
Get a large piece of white cardboard. They have them for sale at Office Stores.

Glue your pictures on it and write inspirational texts, that inspires you towards your goals.

Write down your goals.
Here are suggestions of how to write.

I am grateful for achieving these goals:





Something about myself that I have changed before (date) ________

is _____________________________________________________

because _______________________________________________.

I paid off my ____________________________________________

before (date) ___________________

because _______________________________________________.

I saved $ ______________ in _______________________________

before (date) ___________________

because _______________________________________________.

When I am _____ years old, I feel ____________________________.

My relationship status on ______ is __________________________.

My happiness status on _______ is __________________________.

I drive a ______________________________________ by _______

because ________________________________________________.

I live in a ______________________________________ by _______

because ________________________________________________.

I own a _____________________________________ before ______

because ________________________________________________.

By _____ I spend my quality time _____________________________

because ________________________________________________.

By _____ I travel to ________________________________________

because ________________________________________________.

By _____ I _______________________________________________

because ________________________________________________.

By _____ I have my special dream of __________________________

because ________________________________________________.

End your Goal-List with:
“This or something better is now manifesting for me for the good of all concerned.”

After setting your goals, you need to focus back on enjoying your life and live in present time.
The accomplishment of your goal is not your ultimate goal. Once you accomplish your goal you need to set another goal or you will lose your desire to expand and instead slowly wither away. You don’t want to waste your life away by forgetting to live and to “smell the roses” on your journey and to create an adventure to accomplish your goals.

The side effect of enjoying your journey towards your goals is that you become more attractive and thus accomplish your goals quicker.