There are a lot of Facebook training videos on YouTube Section.

If you are going to spend money on Facebook, wait until you have learned a lot. As you can see below, you can use Facebook to market your business, without spending any extra money. And, Yes! Facebook paid marketing could be very successful if you know what you are doing and you have funds to invest.

Reading Section (and optionally print) with valuable tips for successful FaceBooking:

——————————- Tip ——————————-

Complete your Profile a 100%.

——————————- Tip ——————————-

Profile picture is 180×180 pixels.

——————————- Tip ——————————-

Timeline Banner picture is 850 x 350 pixels.

——————————- Tip ——————————-

Clean up your TimeLine.
Delete posts and pictures that are unnecessary, meaningless clutter.
This is your Business presentation.

——————————- Tip ——————————-

You need to block your friends list, or someone is going to access them and start to promote their products to them.
Go To your TimeLine. Click the “Friends” tab. Click the pencil picture (When you mouse over it, a text saying “Manage” shows up.), that is on the right side of the “Find Friends” tab. Scroll down and click on the “Edit Privacy” option. Here you make sure that the settings for “Friend List” is set to “Only Me”.

——————————- Tip ——————————-

Pictures are more important than plain text. Make sure to add pictures often and even videos. You can find many pictures by searching Google images for pictures.

——————————- Tip ——————————-

You can Pin your most important post to the top of your TimeLine.

——————————- Tip ——————————-

What do you do with a new Facebook friend?
Look around their TimeLine, so you get to know them a bit.
If you decide to connect further, comment on some of their recent posts and like some.
Also, introduce yourself on their TimeLine and say “Hello”, and write something nice.
This is a great way to start building relationships with people.
Note: If they have their wall on lock down, then just like and comment.

Now why would you do this?
Well, because everything you write on their TimeLine can be seen by all of their friends and friends of friends… and then guess what! More connections!

And yes, do this with EVERY SINGLE new Facebook friend.

——————————— Tip ——————————–

Should you “like” your own stuff?
Yes! Anything you post, like it.
It doesn’t hurt and actually helps it get more EdgeRank (Google EdgeRank for a definition of what it is).
One strategy is to post something, wait a couple hours and after the initial likes, comments, etc. come in and if the responses start to slow down… THEN like your post. It will pop it back in the news feed for others to see.

You can also do the same with pictures you put on your timeline (tag yourself) or tag yourself in your posts.
But WAIT A WHILE and then do each of these actions.
This helps to keep eyeballs on your posts!

———————————- Tip ———————————-

It almost seems like I shouldn’t have to say this… but some people don’t do this naturally… and others just don’t do it period!
But… when people like and comment on your posts, make it a POINT to interact with them. Does this mean that you have to reply to EVERY comment? NO!
But don’t be stingy with hitting the LIKE button on their comment. And if you have something to say back to them, comment on your own post/picture/whatever back to them.
I make it a point to like EVERY comment that people make on my wall (unless it’s SPAM or something REALLY off-base).

This does two things:
1. It increases interaction which increases “EdgeRank” which increases how much your posts show up in the News Feed.
2. It makes people feel ACKNOWLEDGED and they are MUCH more likely to come back to your wall and post again!

I have commented on someone’s photo or post and gone back and saw they never even LIKED my comment! It makes you feel bummed, like did they even see it? So I’m much more likely to go back to someone’s wall and post who acknowledges that I exist!
So have fun! And interact! This is a SOCIAL network after all!

———————————– Tip ———————————–

Whose posts should you like and comment on?
You want to make sure you look at your news feed regularly. You want to look for those people who get LOTS of likes and comments on their posts. Because guess what…when you like and comment on a post of someone who has a very ACTIVE friends list of online marketers, you expose yourself to way MORE people that way.

So bottom line is, LIKE and COMMENT on all posts that you have time for, and make sure you pay attention to those who get many comments and hang out on their walls regularly!

————————————- Tip ———————————

I am ALWAYS and CONSISTENTLY liking and commenting on peoples’ posts in my Newsfeed. Why? Because every time I do that, ALL of my FRIENDS’ FRIENDS see what I posted.
I like my friends on Facebook. But it’s the FRIENDS of my friends that is where I grow my list from. You never know WHO is looking at your post with the way Facebook serves them.
So keep on liking and commenting and watch your list grow and watch your LEADS start to pour in for your main company!

—————————————- Tip ———————————-

There are lots of creative ways to comment on posts and to get people to notice you.
But I loathe it when I see people comment “Add Me!”
Why?!?!?! Why should I add you? What are you going to teach me? Where’s the personality?
You can say an infinite number of things in a comment. There are no rules or limits on your creativity. You can take time to sit back and think of a REALLY good thing to say!
Photo comments that relate to the topic being discussed are a great way to get noticed too!

—————————————— Tip —————————–
Some people have “scarcity mentality” when it comes to friends.

When you accept friend requests from people in a foreign country and they have tons of selfies and religious pictures on their wall and it’s all in a foreign language THAT IS A DEAD END!

It’s even worse that you’re posting on their wall as that will just get more of the same type of people and it is just a huge waste of your time!

For Facebook marketing to work, you need tons of connected NETWORK MARKETERS on your Friends List. Don’t worry, there are TONS of them out there!

Don’t even be tempted to accept one of these dead end friend requests and here’s why:
Accepting requests and worse yet commenting on the wrong persons’ walls becomes like a virus on your account and next thing you know, your inbox is FULL of requests from those types of people! I hate to break it to you but they are NOT going to expand your business…. Ever!

So DELETE requests from those people. It’s OK because guess what? They still show up as a follower on your account and that makes you look like a boss!
So don’t make this rookie mistake! You will be super regretting it later when your friends list swells with useless connections and you have the enormous task of trying to weed through everyone to clean up your list!

——————————————— Tip ————————————-