How to set up an event for Facebook

  1. Create an event
  2. Subject – Quick Message from ‘Your Name’
  3. Photo – Your photo
  4. Date – 14 days long
  5. Location – Facebook
  6. Security – Private
  7. More Info? – The letter

————– A suggested Facebook event invitation letter—————

How are you? We’ve not talked in a while, so I wanted to send a quick message. I’ve found hosting an event on Facebook is a cool new way to do this.

A lot is happening and I’ve been thinking about you.

(Two sentences update on your life). With the way the economy is going, I know we’ve all been looking for more ways to make and save money.

My friend (Sponsor’s Name) is a successful entrepreneur who has succeeded in several enterprises, and has shown me something that is fantastic and quickly taking off.

I know that I had better share this with you, or later you might be upset with me for not telling you. You may or may not be looking to start a business or don’t want to make more money, and that’s fine too.

What is happening is exciting. I am putting together a business plan with (Sponsor’s Name) and he told me he would mentor three of my friends too.

This opportunity is HUGE! Can you imagine (the results of your offer)? This is a solid business model and it’s growing fast. I have finally found a way for us to make money online and it costs very little to get started.

If you are interested in talking to (Sponsor’s Name), send me a message on Facebook or send me an SMS at (Your Phone Number). I am sharing this with you because I truly believe you can be successful with us.

This is the only invitation I will send to you. If you don’t reply by either SMS or Facebook message then I’ll not contact you again about this opportunity.