This Questionnaire is to define whether someone is a good prospects for this business.

(Please Print Clearly)
Date: __________________________________________
Name: _________________________________________
City: __________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________
Best Time to Call: ________________________________
Email: _________________________________________

Your current occupation? __________________________
How many years at current job? _____________________

1. Would your income stop if you lost or quit your job? Yes ❑ No ❑
2. People who have been working a long time at your company, are they making a lot more money than you are? Yes ❑ No ❑
3. Do you plan on retiring comfortably on Social Security? Yes ❑ No ❑
4. Have you ever dreamed of being wealthy? Yes ❑ No ❑
5. Have you given up on that dream? Yes ❑ No ❑
6. Have you ever built a successful home-based business? Yes ❑ No ❑
7. Are you willing to learn from successful people? Yes ❑ No ❑
8. Do you know others who are financially frustrated? Yes ❑ No ❑
9. If you won $5M dollars on the Lottery tomorrow, list the first 5 things you would do or buy: __________________________________________________

Reality Check: Most people today can’t write a check for 1% of what they made over the past 10 years. Someone making $50k per year, made $500k over 10 years and Nothing changes if nothing changes.

We’re looking for people who are tired of just getting by and breaking even.

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