Read this before you start talking to your friends and/or
spending money on marketing.

Be aware that when you start your new business, you don’t start with burning your bridges or wasting your money.

For example: If you have never paid for any internet marketing, don’t spend money on it until you do have some experience in how it works and where it will be most effective.

Another example: Your friends and family already know that you don’t know much about this business because they know you just started. The truth is also that you are probably still in the process of learning how good this business really is.

So, instead of inviting them to the business right away, if you think this might be a good fit for them, wait until you have integrated your new business deeper. You know when that is by checking whether you feel bummed out if someone tells you “No”, and if the people you approach feel that you have sold yourself.

Of course, if they are the supporting kind of people, you can share with them what you are doing and why, without needing something from them.

Don’t over-promise or exaggerate the Compensation Potential.
It is easy to be excited when you know what the Compensation Plan can do.
But, unfortunately, it is illegal to insinuate that people will make a certain amount of money.

Even though your prospects can make a good amount of money, results will depend on their level of engagement and skills.

When people want to quit, they tend to need an excuse and someone to blame. As their sponsor, you are first in line to be blamed, and the lack of the immediate fortune becomes the excuse.

It is better to get them interested in the Service / Product first and then to let them know that, like any business, to be successful it will take work. Your new business setup of possible immediate and residual income, and the huge rewards available for those who build a good business is plenty enough to inspire them to join.

Choose your circle of influence.
You want to become an inspiration to all around you. This is easy when you are engaged with what you like and know, and have surrounded yourself with the kind of people who that fits.

When you start something new, that might not happen right away. First, you are not grounded in your new choice and it might not be the right thing for all the people you used to hang out with.

For those who it is not a fit, it becomes hard because they want to keep your relationship the same, so they will try to convince you to go back to the way it used to be.

This makes it difficult for you to stay focused on your new choice. So until you are strong and grounded enough to be an unshakable inspiration, it will be easier for you if you surround yourself with people and circumstances that support your new choice.

Sometimes this means that there will be a change of guard with some of the people you used to spend time with and, for sure, you will get new friends and mentors who will make it easier for you to be successful.

Don’t change the branding.
The branding is a way we all help promote each other. People feel more trust when they see the same branding again and again. So don’t abbreviate the name of the company. Just write it exactly as the company does and with the same font and color as much as possible.

Show a professional attitude.
Make your business important so people feel that you take it seriously and treat it with the respect that your business deserves.

Complaints and acknowledgements.
Don’t complain or point out faults to your team. They can’t do anything about it. Shower them with acknowledgements and gratitude.

Do bring any constructive suggestion or request for help to your Sponsor, because they can do something about it and they are there to support you.

Connect Your New Team Members with Your Upline
When you get a new Team member, please use the “suggest a friend” option in Facebook for your upline leaders. Go to your Sponsor’s Facebook page. Click on friends and add your new member as a “Suggested Friend”.

Polite thing to do
Please ask your upline if they want you to be tagged on their personal page. They are already in, so they don’t need to see your posts on their Timeline.