Welcome to the Copy & Paste Section.

This Tab contains Messages that you can Copy and Paste in to whatever media you are using, like posts, emails and private messaging, to send invitations and do follow ups with your prospects.

We UPDATE this copy-and-paste section often, so instead of saving this information to your computer, make it a habit to come here, for all your needs, whenever you need, so you use the most up to date information and proficient marketing.

(If you have additional good ideas or sources, comment or questions email: ARNE@UnlimitedNetwork.com and I will help you out.)

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If you want to use a TEXT from any of these web pages:

  • Highlight it.
  • Copy it (Control C on a PC).
  • Go to the media where you want to add the text you copied.
  • Paste it in to this text area (Control V on a PC).

If you want to use a PICTURE from any of these webpages:

  • Right-Click on it. (PC)
  • From the drop-down menu chose “Save Picture As”.
  • Save it to your computer.
  • Go to the media where you want to add the picture you copied.
  • There should be a place where you will click to add a picture, probably with the text “Upload Picture”. Click to upload your picture from wherever you saved it on your computer and it should paste your picture there.


Remember to change all information that is generalized,
so the messages will have your name, contact information and links.


If you have a new good COPY, please send it to Arne@UnlimitedNetwork.com, so he can add it here for everyone to use. This is for the benefit of all.


You will also find that other people have posted many New, Good and Timely Posts. Pay attention and copy and/or SHARE the ones you like.

Check that your message does not have someone else’s link or contact information in it before you click “send”.