people-who-changeThe light bulb was created by some crazy guy by the name of Edison.   Really….   It wasn’t his first invention. Edison began with an invention that enhanced the telegraph industry, which he called the Quadraplex Telegraph. He was looking to sell the invention and was questioning what he could get for it.  He was thinking around $4,000, which back in 1877 was a lot of money.  Western Union offered him $10,000 which would be worth over $200k today. That provided the money for Edison to build his industrial lab in Menlo Park.

That same year, Edison invented the phonograph, recording sound on tin foil which he demonstrated in Washington, DC in 1878.  At the same time he was working on improving incandescent lights, inventing the ability to capture visual images which created a little thing called the movie industry, along with a few other ideas flying around his mind.

From all of his crazy ideas, he was also a great businessman, and formed a little company called General Electric, or GE, which today is involved with everything from generators, electric trains, jet engines, wind turbines, plastics, non-stick cookware with the invention of Lexon, health care, GE financing, RCA, NBC, Comcast…………………

People like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, and the list goes on, were considered crazy by many who met them. If anyone hears you talking about what we’re building, and they tell you you’re crazy, respond back to them with:  “You mean crazy like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison?   Thanks!”

In the pursuit of building new habits we need to look at people like Ford, Edison, Jobs, Michael Dell, and even those who were driven, not by business pursuits, but by amazing visions of making the world a better place.  Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King, to name a few…

Is it possible that our vision incorporate both of those purposes?  The spirit of helping others reach their goals and dreams and the drive to build an innovative new massive business model.

Something is brewing that is so incredibly exciting!  We’re part of the creation of a new social media platform, with the potential of changing the world as we know it.  That may sound crazy, but it’s crazy ideas that changed the world in the past, and those who were part of those changes, become very wealthy!