To be successful you have to be in alignment with and believe in what you are creating.

The more you believe in your goal, the more you are “inspired” and vibrate with the frequency that will manifest it.

If you experience a lack of success, the first thing you should do is to look for and undo any and all doubts. Then you will be left with belief and inspiration.

Sometimes we go through a loss of belief after we have been totally in. (This is the same in many areas of our lives, for example, a relationship continuously need to nourished.) Then we need to re-awaken our passion for it, which comes about by engaging with it.

You know your level of belief by noticing how much real passion you feel for it. If you notice it is not a 100%, which is normal, you need to go and find it.

The way you find your belief is by engaging with your goal.
Explore and get to know everything about your goal. Study your goal and watch videos about it again and again. 

If you have any questions or doubts, make sure you get support to focus and open your mind, until each and every aspect is acceptable to you. THIS IS HOW YOU DEVELOP YOUR BELIEF!

To successfully create your goal you need to believe in the following:

  • That you really want your goal.
  • That your goal will serve you.
  • That you are committed to spend time on creating it.
  • You have the endurance to stay with your commitment to yourself until you have achieved your goals

How do you deal with someone who presents you with a doubt?

  • Always be loving – it feels good to him/her and you.
  • Recognize that this person helps you to obtain a clearer vision of your own questions and their appropriate answers.

How do you know if your creativity is helpful or actually sabotaging your success?
Creativity will appear as a continuous series of improvements and corrections. This is the nature of evolution.

This is your inspiration from your inner being. But, sometimes an apparent inspiration is actually a camouflaged way to interfere with and distract you from your success.

So, how do you know if you are actually supporting your goal or deflating it? It is by checking the outcome of your apparent “creativity” that you will know.

Ask yourself: is this creativity bringing an increase or a decrease to my success?

Here are some common ways you may be sabotaging your success:

  • You are not willing to commit to a daily discipline.
  • You get distracted from your inner focus and get preoccupied with outer activity.

Here are some natural inspirations:

  • Think about your ideas and feel them.
  • Deepen your capacity to feel/experience:
  • Do not be critical of your ideas.
  • Success will happen naturally over time.
  • Success is natural – like, we were successfully born, we naturally breathe, we naturally get fed, etc.