seems-impossibleYou’ve begun down a new path. The path less traveled. You’re now heading towards becoming part of the 1% group. A group of Leaders who just think differently. Other people will begin to tell you that you are amazing, as they could never do what you’ve done. Then you try to tell them that the door is always open for anyone who’s ready to convert their dreams into goals by putting a date on them, making the decision putting plans into motion.

Disbelief is anchored in accepting life, as it shows up, as normal and the only way it will ever be. It will never change. It’s just the way it is. I grew up in a challenged world and I just don’t have what it takes to……. The list of excuses is a mile long, Yet, Life always changes. No one remains the same. The only real question is, “Who is in the driver’s seat?” The habit or the dream and vision.

Now we’re on a new journey. We realized that developing new habits of success is nothing more than changing out internal programming… our subconscious habits that were established in the first 6 years of our lives. We’re now creating a few extremely important new internal programs that will become new habits, anchored in our subconscious mind. 21 days to new patterns…!

Have you ever heard people tell you: “they can’t because…”
Their belief is a list of excuses dating back to their childhood or all the way back to how they were born handicapped. Yes, some people are born without sight, or hearing, or a sense of smell…. Some were born without arms or legs. Yet isn’t it interesting how many people take their birth challenges, and turn them into the most empowering beliefs of: “Yes I Can…!!!”

How many times have you heard successful Leaders say: “If I can do this, anyone can!”

Here’s an example of one amazing guys who turned his birth challenge into a totally positive daily mindset.
His name is Alvin Law. Alvin Law was born without any arms. 4 days later he was given up for adoption by his birth parents. His adoption parents went to the hospital on a regular basis, looking for babies who were born with challenges and left behind by their birth parents. They would care for these challenged babies while looking for good parents who would adopt them, love them and care for them as if they were the most precious babies in the world!

For what ever reason, they couldn’t find anyone who wanted Alvin, and after several months, they decided that Alvin had become a special part of their family. Good for both these wonderful parents and for Alvin, as their positive energy transformed Alvin Law into someone who looked past not having arms.

Alvin pursued many things including playing the trombone, drums and the piano. Really? Without arms?? Nothing is impossible for those who look beyond life’s challenges!

Alvin was a radio DJ and began doing lectures. One day he woke up wanting to create something to help his audience achieve their goals in life through a simple map. He wanted to break down his lecture into 5 simple points. Alvin turned his first name into an acronym that he now uses in his lectures.

Alvin’s Law:

A – Attitude – More than being positive. It’s our way of looking at things. It defines who we are and what we become. A way of presenting yourself to the world, every single day. It alters our energy.

L – Learning – Life is where you learn, we learn from life. The knowledge is around us. We grow with what we know, see, visit, read, feel, experience things…

V – Value – Valuing your Life and Spirit – To many live their lives as a victim. You never get an answer from: “Why me?” Stuck in the moment. We tend to crawl into a home when something bad happens to us.
Instead we see the good things in our life, our gratitude. Attitude of gratitude. How lucky am I… There are so many things to be grateful for.

I – Imagination – This is where we make everything happen in our hearts. We can all have a vision. Acting on the vision. The world championship doesn’t just come to us, we have to work to win the game.

N – Never Giving Up – Easy to say. Hard to do. We talk about wanting to be better, but then we thing things are going to happen on their own. If our resolution is to quit smoking we need to be realistic with our timeline. What is that we want to become with our resolution?

Alvin said on a recent radio interview for creating a great 2015:

“As you begin the New Year, simply consider this: We’ve all got things that are important in our lives. That are meaningful to us. Focus on those things. Focus on the reality that there are things out there that will make us happy.

There’s a difference between losing weight for health versus losing health for vanity. What’s really important in our life? What is real?

It all starts with an internal calmness. Constantly wanting to improve our life. And making sure our intentions set our world towards that direction of what we want to achieve.”