The 40 Day Abundance Program

This is a 40 Day Program that helps you to open up to your true source of prosperity, so you can actually manifest abundance in your life.

It is a 40 Day Program because it takes 40 days for consciousness to realize truth at the conscious level of mind.

This 40 Day Abundance Program is based on John Randolph Price’s, “Abundance Book“. (It is well worth your money to buy this book.)

It is a program that teaches you how to get in touch with your true feelings about money.

It teaches you that “doing more”, without connecting with the natural power and the urge that your Life Force has to manifest a more abundant life will only create struggle.

If you have beliefs that are keeping you from being abundant and prosperous, then you are cutting yourself off from your Source and your birthright of Divine inheritance.

You are just as rich as anyone else who ever walked this planet. Just because you are not aware of this, doesn’t change the fact that you are a miracle and deserve wonderful, warm, living, loving money.

The language is sometimes a little old fashion and may even appear to have a religious connotation. The real meaning of this program is so deep, that if you need, feel free to exchange the word “God” with “Source” or “Infinite Intelligence”.

Start with reading the following two documents, describing how to successfully embark on this 40-day journey.

The Abundance Program.pdf

The Abundance Prayer Program.pdf