Dear Family,
I want to recognize a very special member of our family, Arne Rantzen. I first met Arne about 16 months ago through a mutual friend. We were both promoting another company at the time, sideline to one another. Arne and his partner, Monica Garaycoechea, and Nancy and I developed a wonderful friendship in a very short period of time.
Part of that bond was due to similar backgrounds and life experiences, but a major component was the level of Spiritual Consciousness that each operated from. They are both experienced trainers in Self-Development and Consciousness Awareness, and provided National and International Workshops in those areas.
Many of you, I’m sure understand the concept that our Inner Being or Consciousness is responsible for the manifestations experienced by our Outer Being or Physical Self. In short, what you Believe and how you Feel about something determines how that something will be manifested in your LIFE, ranging from not at all to limitless abundance.
A corollary to that is that what you focus on is what you manifest more of.
The reason I’m telling you this is as a background for applauding Arne and his spectacular start this week. We have had several challenges. Some people chose to focus on the challenge as an upset and complains about it. Most people take it in stride and simply wait for it to cahnge. A few people focus on this as an advantage of more time to build their future. One of those few was Arne Rantzen.
Arne made it an art form and has created outstanding results – manifestation in abundance. Congratulations Arne and Team.
How did he do this you might ask, and therein lies the value for each of us.
Success leaves clues and here are a few of his:
Arne took his training in Mindset and Skillset and focused on getting his team working on their Inner game while developing their outer game… sharing and recruiting. Now, to get a full appreciation of the power of his approach, let me tell you that Arne is from Sweden and Monica is from Spain. They met in America and have lived here for several years. About 6 months ago they moved to Costa Rica!
How on earth did they create massive results in AMERICA?
Belief, Enthusiasm and Action:
They started with a small concentration of Americans there in Costa Rica and they organized and began a MASTERMIND CALL focused on creating an ABUNDANCE MINDSET along with SKILLSET training to move his group into action. It was conducted on Google Hangout, which allowed live, visual communication with prospects and team members in America as well as Costa Rica. I was privileged to be invited to attend and participate. The call is every Saturday Morning at 10:00 AM (New York time). Here is a link for you to listen to that Inaugural call, it is well worth listening to:
If you like what you hear, there are links for each of the calls and I’m sure that Arne will be delighted to have you attend and participate in them going forward.
Contact him at
My hat is off to Arne. He chose to focus solely on the end result he wanted and paid no attention to any obstacles that could slow or deter the result. He then took productive action daily that moved him constantly toward his goal. As a result, he manifested the desired result in Abundance.
We all have the ability and potential to do the same thing for ourselves.
Look inward and ask yourself if you are focusing on the goal or on the obstacles that you create or perceive? The great thing is, regardless of your answer, that it is a choice in your total control. To change your results you simply have to change your focus.
Is it worth it? You decide. In this business model simply enrolling 3 business partners who do the same, along with a few customers can result in a personal income to you of 6 or 7 figures a year in less than 2 years. BELIEVE IT… that is the first step!
Congrats Arne and Thank you for this marvelous Leadership Lesson.
Regards, DocFran