Do you shop online? HomeDepot, OfficeMax, Target, BestBuy, Victoria Secret, SteinMart, Bealls, Macy’s…

Absolutely and my wife is always shopping online…

Why do you shop online instead of driving over to Target or Home Depot or…?

Convenience of finding what you want quickly and at the Best Prices, Saving Time, No Taxes, No driving in traffic, Saving Gas, finding Parking…. A box lands right at my front door a few days later, many times with free shipping… I love it!

Cool…! So let me ask you: Are you getting cash back on all those products you buy online?
Cash back? No….

Would you like to get cash back to increase your online savings?
Absolutely but what’s the cost?
Nothing. It’s Free. Free? What’s the catch? No catch at all. Totally free! Really…

So let me ask you: Do your friends shop online?

What if you could get cash back from all of their purchases too? You can even have your friends join for free and get a kick-back too on all their purchases…
What’s that gonna cost me?

Do you know any large groups like churches, clubs, how about your school programs that are always trying to raise money for new band outfits or stuff for the football team. And many of those parents shop online too. This is really a win / win…!

eCommerce Statistics –
In America the average online monthly purchases are $250 per household. Amazon moves 79.2 units per second around the clock.

People will continue purchasing their products from Amazon and all of the other online stores, finding the best prices, delivered to their door. But now, they will receive additional savings through our new Social Media platform with kick-back on all of their purchases.

The one thing constant in life – is CHANGE…!

Every year more and more people are shopping online. The savings and convenience are driving this shopping transition. This is impacting every brick and mortar business. Restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores are impacted the least. However some brick and mortar shops are now gone. Remember when we’d drive to our local Travel Store to book our vacation. They had beautiful brochures of beaches, cruise ships, theme parks around the world. The Travel Agent would search online for packages related to your vacation goals, find the best prices, you’d pick one, pay for it, they’d print out your physical tickets, and leave all excited with brochures in hand! – GONE…!

Projections show that 1 Million Sales Reps will lose their jobs by 2020.

Dozens of Companies have tried to launch a Social Platform that pays their Members. None have been successful. Not one! Why? They’re trying to build their network large enough to attract major advertisers to monetize their connections.

Picture this: You get paid to Click on a Web site, stay there for 10 seconds, then Click on Another web site. Really? You get paid for every Picture you post on their platform? Really? Where’s the money coming from? Advertisers see zero value in these and other models which explains why the other models have not worked.

Party Time!
First we talk to all of our friends or better yet, invite them over for a party and at some point turn the conversation to shopping online.

You’re going to hear people rave about what they’ve purchased online at ridiculous prices. Then, ask if any of them are getting additional Cash Back on their amazing purchases…

There are a number of MLM Companies offering online shopping malls with cash back savings. The malls are not Free. Many charge a set-up charge of around $99 and on-going monthly customer fees. For Affiliates to join those companies, the lowest entry we found was $250 and some charge $2,500 on up to over $10,000 to join!

It is time for a Social Media (r)evolution!