168 Hours….!

Everyone on the planet has 168 hours in the week. What we do with those hours gets us closer to long-term goals, or leave us at the exact same spot we were last week, last month, even last year. Building a business takes time, and maybe you’re working a job, putting in long hours, and so your concern is: Where are you going to find the time to build a successful business??????

Here’s a Typical Scenario of what people do with their time each week:

Maybe you get 8 hours of Sleep 8 * 7 = 56 hours per week

Driving to work 1 hour and 1 hour = 2 hours * 7 = 14 hours per week

Your full-time JOB (Just Over Broke) = 40 hours per week

Breakfast, lunch, dinner 1 hour each = 3 * 7 = 21 hours per week

Laundry, clean house, misc. stuff = 5 hours per week

Total time equals 136 hours per week

168 in the week minus 136 hours leaves 32 hours per week left over. Times 4, that’s 128 hours per month. 1,664 hours per year. Where does all that time go? For most people, it’s spent watching TV. Maybe TV stands for Taking our Volume away as in potential Group Volume!

Remember the 3 Keys of moving from Desire to change our lives to Decision. First, we craft a plan. Then we put that plan into motion. Finally the third step is believing in the opportunity, belief in those we are associated with, belief in ourselves, believe we deserve to truly be incredible successful and get out of the poverty consciousness energy!

If you’re tired of just breaking even every month, turn off the TV, video games, what ever you’re doing that takes your valuable time, as time is our most precious commodity! We all know we can never get wasted time back!!

We could also focus on being more efficient with our time and cutting down the 136 hours per week for our list of things we do, from cleaning the house, or re-arranging our desk again….

We become what we focus on. When you meet a successful leader, if you could follow their daily schedule, you’ll quickly discover how busy they are focused on small goals that all make up the larger goal. They are absolutely driven and put in long hard hours every day, driven to achieve their goal by helping others achieve their goals!

Laser Focused Determination to Reach a Huge Goal: Leaders are DRIVEN!!!

We get up an hour earlier each day or go to sleep an hour later each night picking up 1 hour per day or 7 hours weekly.

The TV goes on at 7 pm and off at 11:30. 4.5 hours with the last half hour mostly negative news prior to going to sleep. 4 x 7 = 28 hours

Shaving off 1 hour from our daily sleep routine and turning off the TV provides us an extra 35 to 40 hours per week. That’s the same time we’re working a JOB, making someone else wealthy – the boss or Company owner.

With focus, we could get our chores done faster, maybe pick up another hour or two by focusing on being more efficient in other areas of our lives. After all, work hard now, so we can all play later. Maybe even cruising the world!

Think about it: If you focused 30 to 40 hours per week calling through prospects you could reach a few good people every day. 60 to 80 people per week. Just the game of numbers tells us the more people we talk to, the more confident we get at presenting the story, and you’ll begin experience very different results! As a matter of fact, very soon, people will be looking up to you, as a growing successful leader!

Finding a few good people requires talking daily to people, sharing the vision, opening the door to an opportunity that can change their financial challenges…! When people are financially sound, their health improves, their relationships improve, they begin making a positive impact on their community, and much more….!

Take charge of your life, take charge of your future by becoming a master at managing your time. That is a huge secret to successful people. You have the power to become incredibly successful, if you make the decision today to focus the time to achieve your goal, however big your goals may be!

168 hours per week – make those precious hours work for you! 🙂

Welcome to the 2nd Wave of Social Media…!

This is an opportunity with the potential to change millions of lives. It’s simple, affordable, timely and incredibly powerful. Many miss the power of this opportunity because it’s only fifty bucks and their belief system tells them the only way to make serious money is with large entry fees. Many have spent years trying to build their dreams using network marketing models where 98% make $100 or less per month and less than 1% make the “big checks.”

Facebook created the First Wave that broke incredible records through the social media platform. We have created the Second Wave!

Here’s one very simple example that shows the massive difference between the old MLM model and the new Social Media example.

In any business, the bottom-line is always about: Results!

The # 1 Network Marketing company in the world is Amway, which began in 1959, some 55 years ago.

It took Amway 55 years to grow to 4 million distributors around the world and reaching $11.3 billion in sales from people purchasing at least $100 in products.

It took Facebook 10 years to grow to 1.4 billion members and reaching $13 billion in sales last year with all of their members using their service, for Free.

This year, Facebook is projected to double their revenue, which would fly past the #1 MLM company in 11 years, again with over 1 billion Free Members!

Facebook proved to advertisers the value of getting in front of over one billion people through their platform. A few months ago, the head of the advertising counsel stated that advertisers are now getting 20% more bang for their buck on social media, then radio and TV, and are reallocating their revenues more into social media platforms.

That confirms that we are definitely in the right place at the right time! I’ve never seen an opportunity where we could make a great deal of money, from people doing something they love doing, for Free!