How many of us have fallen victim to the pattern of enrolling “ the big hitter” who is going to “take this thing to the moon” and experiencing high excitement and anticipation of rapid growth, only to watch them produce nothing week-in and week-out except excuses and promises?

It is only natural that you would feel low toned at that point. Compound that by the number of new partners who follow the same pattern, and you see how you can lose your willingness to work the business yourself and quit.

The trick is to avoid the high and low emotional swings and to maintain a level tone at personal enthusiasm for your business. The key to achieving this is to expect nothing from your partners, and then feel joy and gratitude for anything that they produce.

Develop an expectation that Your Business is going to work without worrying about Who in your group is going to make that happen. God has created an Abundant ever expanding Universe for all of us to experience personal abundance. God is the only Constant in Eternity and He has not excluded anyone from his Intention for Abundance. The only variable in the equation is us as humans living our busy lives.


Develop an attitude of positive results in your business. Practice thinking and feeling good about your future success and your past successes. Success is not a point at which one arrives at some indeterminate time, but rather look at your life as a continuum of successes. If you are reading this, I know that YOU have been successful in your life. Have gratitude for that and fill your thoughts with it… remember that we get in life what we think about most…whether we want it or not!

Get in the habit of thinking only positive thoughts and feelings about your Home Based Business, your decision to enroll, your team, your leader and your Company. You are the ONLY Person that is in control of your thoughts and feelings! You have the choice to think or feel exactly as you choose at any given moment regardless of what is happening around you. When a disappointing thought occurs, acknowledge it and think “this disappointment means nothing, my business is going great” and move through it. Replace it immediately with a positive thought about some aspect of your business.

Develop a strong Belief in your success. Remember that a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking so if you develop the habit of thinking only positive thoughts about your business, the result will be a rock solid Belief in your success, and it will occur for you.

Make a 1 year commitment to yourself and your business. The successful development of any business is a distance run, not a sprint and this is no different. Make the commitment to “go the distance”. Your business will grow as fast or slow as you choose by your attitude, beliefs and your actions. Know that your Home Based business has the ability to put everyone of us in profitability and sustained affluence faster than any other business model available.

Develop the habit of talking to new prospects every day, and you will grow faster.


Develop the habit of looking only at what is good about your business and ignore the negative. This is a challenge for all of us, because our human tendency is to go to and dwell on the LACK of some perceived need or want. Find at least one good thing and be grateful for that and dwell on that.

Develop the skill of having an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE for every positive thing you see. Develop the habit of acknowledging your active partners successes and actions. Everyone loves to be recognized for their success. Never overlook the power of working with and developing your active partners.


Make a habit of ATTENDING at least One (1) Company call or webinar a week.

Be happy and grateful every day for your decision to join and build your Company. It was and is a great decision in your financial future

When recruiting, stay in conversation only with positive, interested people. Don’t allow anyone to cause you doubt or steal your dream.

Say “NO” first! Be a Professional. Sort your prospects, don’t Convince. Never argue, debate or defend your decision or your business with a negative prospect. Develop the courage to take the offer away from a negative person “Listen Tom, this doesn’t sound like something that’s a good fit for you. Thanks any way, I appreciate your time. BYE!”


Read self -help books and Inspiration books daily.

Acknowledge when you feel down, because we all will and do at times, be grateful for that emotional indicator and then find a positive thought to replace it. Practice this and watch the miracle it will produce in your life

Get in the habit of asking God for his Blessing and support.

Call your sponsor or upline if you are having trouble getting out of a negative thought.

And finally, the antidote that works 100% of the time…

Doc Fran

I’d like each of you to answer two questions honestly to yourself, and write down the answers.
1.) What do you HOPE will happen in your Home Based Business in the next 12 months and in the next 24 months?
2.) What do you BELIEVE will happen in your Home Based Business in the next 12 months and in the next 24 months?

Do your two answers coincide, or are they different? Let’s look at why that is important to you.

Hope is an expectation of an outcome.

Webster’s defines hope as “the feeling that what is desired is also possible, or that events may turn out for the best”. I would expand that definition to include “but it inherently implies uncertainty”.

Beliefs are the foundation of our experiences.

Webster’s defines believe as “to have confidence in the truth, the existence or the reliability of something, although WITHOUT absolute proof that one is right in doing so”. I would like to expand that definition to include “A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking, a repetitive thought”.

Why is this important to you in your Home Based business? The reason is that only when someone has a strong belief in something can he act purposefully. Strong belief is the backbone of confidence, conviction and certainty. Strong belief is the springboard of action. A strong belief is the blueprint that defines the future reality of your endeavor.

A strong belief in the company, the products, the system and the leadership is essential to you taking the steps and actions necessary to ensure your progress in the company. A strong belief in your ability to succeed is the foundation of your success. Again, if you believe you will, you will; if you believe you won’t, you won’t. Either way you will be right.

Now the challenge is that we all have fixed ideas, or repetitive thought patterns that don’t serve us. It might be “I failed because Mary mislead me” or “successful people are evil, greedy people” or “money is the root of all evil”. You can undoubtedly come up with one or two that you run on yourself repeatedly. The challenge is that these negative beliefs are firmly rooted in our sub-conscious mind, and we are not aware that they are controlling our behavior and our outcomes.

How do you recognize a negative fixed idea? One, it is often used as your “excuse” for failing to achieve your best, and two, when you think it or say it, it makes you feel low tone.

Noticing how things are turning out for you is one very clear way of understanding which belief or thought you are emanating, because you always get the essence of what you BELIEVE, whether you want it or not.

If we want to change our Manifestations, we have to change our BELIEFS. Much easier said than done… up to now.

There is a large gap between intellectually understanding that and the application of it on the sub-conscious level. How do we truly change our BELIEFS?

  • Commit to Personal Development Activities
  • MasterMind Mindset
  • Read Books on Personal Development
  • Listen to Tapes on Personal Development
  • Treasure Mapping, Affirmations, Visualization
  • Hang Out With Positive Thinking People
  • Take Positive Action

One excellent book on the topic is “Receiving Prosperity” by Louise Hay.

I believe it can help everyone improve the abundance of all areas of your life. To have abundance in any area of your life, Friends, Love, Health, Peace, Food, Happiness, etc; you must have an Abundance Consciousness.

Abundance Consciousness is simply believing that there is more than enough of something for everyone to have what they want of it. The opposite of Abundance Consciousness is Poverty Consciousness. That is where you believe that there is a scarcity of supply in any area and that you have to compete or take from someone else to get what you want.

You cannot attract abundance in any area if you have a Poverty belief in that area.

The book I recommend for Prosperity (Financial Wealth) is “THINK AND GROW RICH” by Napolean Hill.

One tool that I have used for years that can help you change your Beliefs effortlessly and have fun at the same time is Treasure Mapping or Dreamboarding.

Imagine harnessing the Power of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, THE SECRET, and TONY ROBBINS along with “SMART” Goal Setting and Tracking to imprint your Subconscious and Manifest Abundance in your Life.

If you have ever used Treasure-Mapping or Dreamboard in the past to help you visualize your future, then you know what I am talking about. I believe it can help everyone improve the abundance of all areas of your life.

The tool is very simple to create and use. Get a large piece of poster board or foam board. As you visualize the things, results or goals you desire, find pictures of them in Magazines, Papers or on line sites and paste them onto your board. Put the board somewhere where you can see it every day. Look at your desired results and FEEL the JOY as if you already have accomplished obtaining that result. The combination of clear Visualization along with the positive Feeling you will generate amazing results.

– DocFran